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Learn how to use Adobe InDesign to create compelling commercial real estate offering memorandums and flyers

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InDesign is the most widely used tool for creating high-end offering memorandums, flyers, brochures, and most other commercial real estate marketing documents. Yet, learning how to use InDesign to make commercial real estate documents is a difficult task that comes with a steep learning curve. That’s why we created this course – to teach you how to use InDesign for commercial real estate, step-by-step.

What Would Learning InDesign For Real Estate Do For You?

  • Improve your flyers, offering memorandums, and other CRE marketing materials
  • Gain a rare and marketable skill that’s in demand by top CRE firms
  • Master the ability to create InDesign documents from scratch
  • Feel more comfortable editing and modifying existing InDesign documents and templates

What is InDesign For Real Estate?

InDesign for Real Estate is an online interactive video-based course that teaches you how to use Adobe InDesign to create commercial real estate marketing documents, step by step. The course includes an overview of the CRE flyer and offering memorandum, a comprehensive InDesign crash course that covers the essential functionality, and step-by-step walkthroughs for creating a CRE flyer and offering memo from scratch. By the end of the course, you will have fully functional commercial real estate flyer and offering memorandum templates that you can modify and use in your day-to-day work.

The training is released in 6 core modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos and done-for-you templates. All the training is online, contained on the private member – only site. Plus, you’re a student for life. That means you don’t have to worry about forgetting the material because you can retake the course or revisit the material at any time.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • CRE professionals who need to learn the basics of InDesign for the first time.
  • Brokers, investors, and developers who want to gain new design skills and elevate their existing marketing materials.
  • Marketing professionals who want to learn InDesign for designing commercial real estate documents.
  • Students and career changers who want to break into the industry and learn a rare and valuable skill to stand out from the crowd.

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Your InDesign For Real Estate Course Includes:

Module 1: What Are Marketing Documents?
  • Learn the key elements of successful commercial real estate marketing documents.
  • Discover the different types and most effective marketing documents in real estate.
  • Understand when and how to use each marketing document.
  • Learn what tools are used to create professional-quality marketing documents.
Module 2: CRE Flyer Overview
  • Discover how and why commercial real estate flyers are used.
  • Learn the key elements of a commercial real estate flyer that captures attention.
  • Understand the best practices for creating a commercial real estate flyer that sells.
Module 3: CRE Offering Memo Overview
  • Take your marketing to the next level with the commercial real estate offering memorandum.
  • Learn when and how to use an offering memorandum versus a flyer.
  • Understand the key elements of a CRE offering memorandum.
  • Learn time-saving tips for designing a professional-quality CRE offering memorandum.
  • Discover the fundamentals of photography, color theory, and font design for effective marketing.
Module 4: InDesign Crash Course
  • Master the essential InDesign features for creating professional-quality marketing documents.
  • Learn how to create a document from scratch and make it visually appealing.
  • Step-by-step instructions for designing parent pages, headers, and footers that are visually engaging.
  • Learn how to create a color library, use text boxes, and format text effectively.
Module 5: Flyer Activity
  • Learn how to create a commercial real estate flyer from scratch using InDesign.
  • Master the techniques for placing a photo, designing a title, and creating a color box and borderline that catches attention.
  • Discover the best practices for creating a text box with compelling information about the property.
  • Learn how to create separator lines, facts and figures boxes, and purchase price sections that stand out.
  • Learn how to create a contact information section and add your company logo.
Module 6: Offering Memorandum Activity
  • Take your marketing to the next level with a professional-quality commercial real estate offering memorandum.
  • Discover the techniques for designing a cover page, contact us page, and table of contents that stand out.
  • Learn how to create a legal disclaimer, executive summary, market summary, property overview, financial analysis, and comparable sales analysis section that sell.

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