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Spreadsheets are unavoidable in commercial real estate. On any given day it is not uncommon to use Excel to analyze a rent roll, do some basic data analysis, create an amortization schedule, build a development budget, or run some quick financial calculations.

Yet, most Excel courses for commercial real estate focus on advanced concepts and more complicated models. This course takes a different approach. Instead, we teach you the basics of Excel with several practical commercial real estate projects that you can use right now in your day to day work.

If you are a beginner when it comes to Excel, or if you just want to brush up on your skills, then this course is for you.

What would learning Excel Basics for Real Estate do for you?

  • Gain confidence when working with spreadsheets day to day
  • Create your own customized Excels models to improve your productivity
  • Understand how to build practical commercial real estate projects that you can use in your own work
  • Feel more at ease when working with someone else’s spreadsheets

What is Excel Basics for Real Estate?

Excel basics for real estate is an online interactive video-based course that teaches you the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, with practical commercial real estate specific projects. It’s for beginners who want a head start and industry professionals who want to brush up on their skills.

The training is released in 7 separate modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos and done-for-you templates. All of the training is online, contained in the private member only site.

During the course we’ll walk through the basics of Excel formulas, formatting, and data analysis. We will then apply this knowledge to several commercial real estate specific projects. These include a maximum loan analysis, rent roll, construction and development budget, amortization table, multifamily proforma, and a back of the envelope development analysis.

Plus, you’re a student for life. That means you don’t have to worry about forgetting the material because you can retake the course at any time.

Who should take this course?

  • New commercial real estate professionals who need to learn the basics of Excel for the first time.
  • Existing commercial real estate professionals who want to brush up on their Excel skills.
  • Career changers who want to break into the industry but don’t have a background that includes Excel.
  • Students who want to learn Excel basics with practical commercial real estate projects.

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What's Included:

Module 1: Key Excel Concepts
  • How to use common Excel functions including sum, sumif, sumproduct, min, max, index/match, and more
  • Review of basic mathematical operations in Excel including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, and combinations of operations.
  • How to create basic formatting in Excel including dates, currency, fonts, gridlines, conditional formatting, custom formatting, and more.
  • Overview of basic data analysis in Excel including data validation, charts, and graphs.
  • Includes demonstration of key concepts as well as interactive practice problems.
Module 2: Maximum Loan Analysis
  • How a maximum loan analysis works and why it matters
  • Step by step creation of a maximum loan analysis calculator in Excel
  • Includes loan to value, debt service coverage ratio, and debt yield calculations
Module 3: Commercial Rent Roll
  • Overview of the commercial rent roll and how it is used
  • Review of tenant concentration risk and lease rollover risk
  • Includes suite, tenant name, area, annual base rent, lease type, lease start dates, lease expiration dates, lease term calculations, security deposit, lease status, and tenant type.
Module 4: Amortization Schedule
  • Overview of how an amortization schedule works
  • Step by step walkthrough showing how to build a complete amortization schedule in Excel
  • Includes sections for monthly payments, dates, interest ceilings, interest floors, interest forecasts, and balloon payments
Module 5: Development Budget
  • Overview of how a development budget works
  • Step by step interest reserve calculation for a construction loan
  • Includes high level categories for land costs, hard costs, soft costs, and financing costs.
  • Line items for the commonly used costs with a breakout of funding source for each cost
  • Summary view that rolls up individual line item costs into an easier to read budget summary
Module 6: Multifamily Proforma
  • How to build a multi-year cash flow projection in Excel for a multifamily project, step-by-step.
  • Includes calculations for unit mix, cash flow before tax, financing assumptions, growth rate assumptions, and more.
  • Dynamically calculate a 5 year proforma and net sale proceeds at the end of the holding period.
  • Financial ratios including yield on cost, cash on cash, equity multiple, operating expense ratio, debt service coverage ratio, breakeven occupancy ratio, and more.
  • Discounted cash flow analysis with internal rate of return, net present value, investment value, and sensitivity inputs.
Module 7: Back of the Envelope Development Analysis
  • Overview of how a back of the envelope develop analysis works
  • Estimates for stabilized unit economics, operating statement, sources and uses of funds, interest reserve, lease up period.
  • Calculations for trended and untrended NOI, equity multiple, yield on cost, development spread, profit margin, and more.
I have to compliment your company on clearly explaining valuation concepts to me. To put this into context, I asked my professor in my investment class last week if he knew of a way to value an income property using discounted cash flow analysis. Long story short…you guys are smarter than my professor. THANKS PropertyMetrics! “ Jonathan Torres | College Student
I want you to know how much I appreciate PropertyMetrics. As a 30 year real estate attorney focusing primarily on commercial leasing and purchase and sale of commercial properties, it is extremely helpful to see the principles I have learned and used for so many years explained so clearly. Jon K. Ladd | Business and Real Estate Law Group

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